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Newlyweds generally give wedding souvenirs, which are a form of gratitude to guests who have taken the time to be present on their happy day. Therefore, many couples intend to give unique souvenirs and give an impression. Here are some unique souvenirs to choose from when getting married at a wedding venue in bali

Unique and contemporary wedding souvenirs

1. Enamel Glass

Enamel glasses include attractive souvenirs for weddings. The glass that resembles a mug and is made of zinc has actually been used for a long time. However, thanks to an aesthetic design combined with attractive colors, it has succeeded in making it appear more modern and classy at one time.

Apart from adding a unique design, don’t forget to complement it with your name and wedding date as a reminder. This souvenir will not only end up as a display, but guests can also use it as a place to drink. So there is no harm in giving enamel glasses as a wedding souvenir.

2. Mini Cake

Wedding souvenirs don’t always have to be in the form of goods, that’s why don’t hesitate to choose mini cakes as another form of gratitude to invited guests who attended the Bali venue wedding. Some cakes that are suitable as wedding souvenirs include donuts, cookies, macaroons, cupcakes, and many others.

3. Spoon and fork

A spoon and fork made of wood, is one of the best wedding souvenirs to choose from. Giving these souvenirs is not only meant as a mere thank you, but there you want to invite guests to apply go green for the sake of human survival in the future.

Luckily you will have no trouble finding wooden spoons and forks, because there are many wedding souvenir making service providers who have offered them. Besides looking classic, this souvenir has a distinctive wood scent that makes it even more attractive to have. Naturally, many couples choose it as the best souvenir.

4. Mini Cactus

Want to give a beautiful wedding gift and leave a strong impression? Looks like choosing a Mini Cactus is the right choice. Mini cactus including thorny plants that do not require special care, so it is quite easy to care for them. Meanwhile, its adorable shape is considered suitable as a decorative garden in the house.

5. Towels

Small towels are no less popular as a wedding souvenir. To make it more attractive, generally the towels will be shaped to resemble cute and adorable characters. Some even just wrap it neatly to make it look elegant and practical. In this way, it is guaranteed that the invited guests who attend the wedding venue in bali will smile happily when they get it.

Actually there are many more unique souvenirs that can be given to the guests who attend. Starting from candy, handmade soap, card wallets, mini pouches, bamboo baskets, flip-flops, to Oscar pillows can be the best choice. Not only unique, it turns out that every souvenir given has its own

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